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White Floss

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Improve your gum and oral health today - Protect yourself against tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Stella White Floss helps remove plaque and food particles that are otherwise hard to reach.

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Improve your gum and oral health today!

Protect yourself against tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Stella White Floss is a premium product that is extra wide and strong.

• Super Resistant Floss

• Removes plaque and food particles from hard to reach places

• Smooth Glide Technology

• Extra Strong, With Fluoride

• Protect yourself against bad breath

Experience a true clean feeling in your mouth directly after use.

Use Stella White Floss BEFORE brushing

This helps dislodge plaque and food debris so brushing can wipe it away. It is essential to remove detritus and plaque to maintain good oral hygiene.


Plaque causes tooth decay and can lead to gum disease.

Using Stella White Floss at least once per day is very important. This will remove food and plaque from in between your teeth.

For maximum results, we recommend flossing every time you brush your teeth and after every meal.

Just one White Floss should be sufficient to floss all of your teeth. However, we do recommend that you use a fresh for every occasion/use.

Flossing regularly plays an important role in helping to maintain your oral health and hygiene.

One package contains 30 White Flossers.

1 - Floss every day – flossing daily allows you to reach the spaces between teeth that brushing can't..

2 - Floss teeth one at a time and be sure to floss between every tooth in your mouth, including molars.

3 - Rub floss against both sides of each tooth to remove plaque and lingering food particles.

4 - Use a hi-performance product such as White Floss, which is engineered not to shred or break during use.

Customer Reviews

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First time floss user Review by Kimi
I’m new to flossing. I had a gum disease and my dentist recommended me to use dental floss to remove plaque to avoid having a gum disease again. I find the Stella floss quite easy to use. It does not slips on my hand and it easily slips between my teeth. I also love the mint flavor, makes my mouth feel clean and fresh. I have never thought about the benefits of using dental floss but it’s a good thing that I have finally tried it. I’m a very satisfied Stella floss user.

(Posted on 1/17/14)
Perfectly fits my teeth Review by Francis
The floss fits perfectly on my teeth and feels very comfortable using it. It is not too thin and not too thick. I have tried other brands in the past but nothing compares how good the Stella floss is. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 1/17/14)
Removes plaque easily Review by Eric
Me and my wife have been using this for months already and we can definitely say that it is the best one that we have tried. The floss does not easily break and it removes plaques easily even on areas that are hard to reach. We did not have any bad experience with the floss and will definitely order for more.

(Posted on 1/17/14)
Minty and smooth Review by James
Been a floss user ever since and I have already tried different floss throughout the years. I must say that the Stella floss is one of the best floss I have ever tried. I love that it is very smooth and it glides in very well. It is also less expensive than other floss of its quality. Would recommend this product to anyone.

(Posted on 1/17/14)
The best dental floss on the market Review by Mike
There is nothing much to say so I’ll just make this short. The Stella white floss is one of the best dental floss I have tried if not the best. I can really feel that the floss is made from high quality materials as it won’t easily break. It is also very smooth and convenient to use and I can easily reach the hard to reach areas of my teeth. Nothing really negative to say about the product, I just wish it is available in our local grocery stores.

(Posted on 1/17/14)
Another quality product from Stella Review by Mona
I really love to give feedbacks especially on products that I like and the Stella white floss is no exception. First off, I love the minty taste of the floss that leaves a refreshing feeling on my mouth. The floss is very smooth and gets between my teeth easily. Overall a great buy.

(Posted on 1/17/14)

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